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Frozen Donuts

A unique place where you will stay cold is, Frozen Donuts, a freshly made donut filled with your favorite ice cream and that you can choose the glaze of your choice.

There are only two things in life that everyone loves, donuts and ice cream. After that, everything else takes a backseat. Imagine a unique place where you create a unique product called Frozen Donut, this is what a freshly made donut looks like.

Brand fee

Single payment to the franchise from

$ 15,000 USD

$ 500 USD
Monthly royalty

Exclusive Operating Equipment

From $ 10,000 USD

Local Conditioning or kiosk

From $ 20,000 USD

Approximate Total Investment

$ 45,000 USD

Benefits of your investment:

Use and exploitation of the trademark
Know how of the business
Manuals and unique documents
Development and innovation

Location support
Geographical area exclusivity
Architectural project and supervision

Opening training
Technical assistance and publicity
Constant training and supervision
Exclusive providers

Amounts + I.V.A. in mexican pesos

Franquicia Masterr
Franquicia Masterr
Franquicia Masterr
Franquicia Masterr
Franquicia Masterr

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Frozen Donuts

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