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People today are looking for new consumer experiences and with our flavors such as Taro, Acai, Matcha, Goji, Dragon Fruit, you will surprise even the most demanding customer.

BAHAMA VIBESCREAM is a business concept inspired by a tropical and fresh environment, it is a business format with a unique personality, which takes you on a trip to the Caribbean, or to Hawaii in every spoonful.

Brand fee

Single payment to the franchise from

$ 10,000 USD

$ 500 USD
Monthly royalty

Exclusive Operating Equipment

From $ 10,000 USD

Local Conditioning or kiosk

From $ 20,000 USD

Approximate Total Investment

$ 40,000 USD

Benefits of your investment:

Use and exploitation of the trademark
Know how of the business
Manuals and unique documents
Development and innovation

Location support
Geographical area exclusivity
Architectural project and supervision

Opening training
Technical assistance and publicity
Constant training and supervision
Exclusive providers

Amounts + I.V.A. in mexican pesos

Franquicia Masterr
Franquicia Masterr
Franquicia Masterr
Franquicia Masterr
Franquicia Masterr


“It is a brand designed to be liked, to attract customers and add value from innovation".

"Bahama® is revolutionizing the market, meet the most tropical way to enjoy ice cream. Profitable business with high growth. Brand launch investment amounts, the brand share value will increase according to its market value."

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