Franquicia Master

Franquicia Master

Acquire a franchise with innovative business concepts and attractive investment amounts, we have spectacular brands, in the sectors of
Churros, Waffles, Donuts, Ice Cream, Pizzas¡, Hot dogs, Crepes, Cinnamon rolls

Churreria Porfirio

A vintage brand that highlights the traditional cafeteria model set in the 1910s. A place that rescues folklore and customs.

Taco Inn

We are more than 100 taquerias in the Mexican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Flavor Cup

Ice cream, coffee, juice bar, cheese sandwich, salads, desserts. Branches with architecture that invite you to enjoy and a spectacular concept.

Bubble Waffle

It is a delicious and innovative concept, Bubble Waffle Co® is the iconic brand in Mexico and Latin America of Bubble Waffles.


Frozen Donuts

A unique place where you will stay cold is, Frozen Donuts, a freshly made donut filled with your favorite ice cream and that you can choose the glaze of your choice.


People today are looking for new consumer experiences and with our flavors such as Taro, Acai, Matcha, Goji, Dragon Fruit, you will surprise even the most demanding customer.


Our cinnamon rolls have an exclusive recipe and for this reason they have a unique personality, which also makes them irresistible, super delicious to look at. The ideal dessert to share.





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